Our Website Design Process

The strategy stage is a critical step in the website design/redesign process.  It helps us to dig in and learn about your repair shop, target audience, market area, competition, opportunities and goals.

We use the information we uncover in the strategy stage to develop a website that isn’t just an expense but instead works to deliver customers to your front door.

Our planning stage consists of several key areas.

Redesign Planning

In our redesign planning stage, we determine what what you like/dislike about your current website, what your goals are for your website & business, what you want your website to convey to your visitors and how the new redesign will help you to achieve your goals.

Asset Inventory

The asset inventory helps us to locate all of your site content by crawling and reviewing your current web pages.  We evaluate the content and determine whether or not it’s worth keeping.  We also check for duplicate content which can cause issues for ranking well in search engines.

Current Site Architecture Review

We review how your current site is structured; defining which pages will be part of your main and secondary navigation and create a sitemap of the new website.

URL Mapping/301 Redirect Planning

After creating the sitemap, we map out the URLs and develop a 301 redirect plan for pages that are being changed or moved.

Content Planning

Based on the questionnaire you fill out when you sign-up, we develop a plan for what content stays and goes as well as what content will need to be added in order to help you rank better for services your repair shop provides.

During the design stage, we work with you to develop the layout of your new website.  You’ll be presented with a visual mock-up of the site to show you what the site will look like based on your consultation.  At this point, you’ll be able to provide feedback before the site is built.

The next step is to finalize the color website color scheme to match your branding and to obtain any additional assets you’d like to include on your website including photos of staff, repair shop, logos, etc.

The development stage is where the magic happens and you see your new website come to life.  We finalize all content and visual assets and start the build process.

We start by coding the wireframe (layout) and create new pages for all current and new assets.  We then insert visuals, content & color scheme and create forms to include on your new website.

Finally, we review the site overall site flow and usability to make sure the website is customer-friendly.

The optimization and testing stage consists of several key areas including:


The ability to track and analyze your website data is an integral part of making your website work for your business.  With analytics data, we can determine which pages get the most traffic, where you’re getting the most conversions and how we can improve your website to meet the needs of your customers.

Content Optimization

Content is king in the land of search engines but not any content will do.  It needs to be clear, relevant and well-written in order to rank.

Some of the ways we help make this happen is through creating unique content targeted toward your ideal customer, editing and optimizing the content already on the website, optimizing each page so search engines know what the page is about, making sure every page is accessible through the website’s navigation and ensuring the website’s flow is natural and easy to follow.

We also check for common errors like grammar, misspellings and broken links.

User Experience Enhancement (UX)

Optimizing your website isn’t just about getting you better rankings in search engines.  It’s about creating an experience for your visitors, making the information they’re searching for easily accessible and making it easy for them to use.

Some of the ways we can enhance the user experience is through:

  • Optimizing your site to be easily used on desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Creating landing pages that are relevant, engaging and directional
  • Developing an aesthetically pleasing site design
  • Having a clear and relevant message (USP)


In order to determine whether your new website is ready to go live, we run the site through rigorous testing.  Some of the things we check for include:

  • All old pages are redirected to new pages
  • Clear content organization
  • User-friendliness
  • Coding error checks
  • Overall design and layout
  • Speed test

Latest Projects

We specialize in getting the most out of your website.  Click below to see just a few of the sites we’ve designed for our customers.  Every single page on your new site will be geared towards one end, getting the most out of every visitor.

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