Being #2 isn’t too shabby!

Being #2 isn’t too shabby!

Being #2 isn’t too shabby!

Only second to Google Maps,
Facebook local search appFacebook is leveraging their HUGE user base to provide information, based on local search on local businesses in the user geographic area.

In fact, Facebook has been so successful in getting users to utilize their app for local searches, that they are now the #2 local search app in the world only behind Google Maps (data from comScore/Neustar’s 6th local search study)! They even outrank Mapquest, Bing, Apple Maps, and Yahoo. – local directories and services that have been around for more than a decade!!

Ensuring your Facebook page is setup correctly, and optimized for local search, will guarantee higher placement in local search on Facebook generating increased leads and affecting the business’s bottom line.

Need help? No problem- we got you covered! Call your Client Success Manager and they will be happy to help.

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