What to Share at This Time Of Sharing?

What to Share at This Time Of Sharing? During the holidays, people share 28% more photos and videos on mobile,3 so be sure to stand apart from other seasonal messages by using visuals that not only encourage discovery and purchases, but also contain an emotional element. 85% of people say spending time with loved ones is a highlight of their holidays,4 so try and showcase how your products help bring families together. Position your products and services to be helpful in the [...]

Being #2 isn’t too shabby!

Being #2 isn't too shabby! Only second to Google Maps, Facebook local search appFacebook is leveraging their HUGE user base to provide information, based on local search on local businesses in the user geographic area. In fact, Facebook has been so successful in getting users to utilize their app for local searches, that they are now the #2 local search app in the world only behind Google Maps (data from comScore/Neustar’s 6th local search study)! They even outrank Mapquest, Bing, Apple Maps, [...]

Special Holiday Hours from Google

Special Holiday Hours from Google -Now OPEN! Now, business owners can add special hours to their local listings within their Google My Business listings. Special hours let local businesses inform their customers about longer or shorter store hours based on the upcoming holidays, or even a special event the store may be holding. This is most important now for the upcoming holiday season!! By adding those special hours, Google will show searchers the hours in your Google Maps listing. Log into your Google [...]